Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

It was a busy morning in the Casey Anthony Trial today. All three members of the Anthony family were called to the stand.  Lee Anthony answered questions about the search for his niece. He stated that he argued with his mother, Cindy, about sending Dominic Casey to Suburban Drive which contradicted Cindy’s testimony. Lee testifies: "She sent Dominic off to the woods off Suburban because she got a psychic tip that she wanted to follow up on,"
Cindy had denied sending private investigators to search any particular area of the woods.
"I had never told anybody that I sent those guys there because I never sent those guys there," she said. Lee admitted this conversation took place prior to late October when Casey actually went into the woods.
 Earlier, George Anthony took the stand and denied having an affair with a woman known under two names: Krystal Holloway and River Cruz. He stated that the idea seemed “funny” to him when defense attorneys asked him if he had been romantically involved with Holloway. He said he only went to visit her at her condo because she was ill.
"She has a brain tumor. She was dying. She needed someone to comfort her," he said. "I did go there just to console her." He denied ever telling Holloway that Caylee’s death was an accident that snowballed out of control as Holloway had testified. “Never did”, was his response.

Roy Kronk, who discovered Caylee Marie's remains while working as an Orange County meter reader, was called to the stand shortly before noon. Attorney J.Cheney Mason questioned Kronk about his discovery of a skull in the wooded area near the Anthony home.  Kronk had stated that he picked up the skull with a stick which would refute the State’s case that the skull had been sitting in the area for months undisturbed.
Judge Perry called lunch recess shortly after Kronk’s testimony began. He will take the stand again this afternoon.
Editorial Comments: The jury seemed extremely alert and many took notes today. Lee Anthony again testified as to how angry he was to have been left out of information about his sister by his parents. There seems to be great tension between Casey’s parents and brother today.
I noticed an extra deputy standing right behind Casey throughout the morning. I’m curious as to why he has been stationed there. Perhaps there will be some explanation this afternoon.
Judge Belvin Perry was seen taking aspirin before the trial began today. I heard a body language expert state that he is showing signs of frustration often with rapid eye blinking and other body language. She stated that he showed great self-control in his actions even when scolding attorneys and that he appears to be a great processer. I was impressed with his immediate recall of a precedent setting case this morning regarding a witness being questioned in a way that would cause him to invoke his 5th Amendment rights.

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