Thursday, June 30, 2011


Dawn Boyle  

This photograph Nick Gonzalez took near 9 p.m. while the officer was in a local Starbucks. 

My first questions would be, when did they start handing out semi-automatic rifles? didn't anyone back at the precinct see this and/or was missing this?
The marked Seattle police cruiser was  parked outside the Roosevelt Hotel, near Pine and 7th Avenue. 

To make matters even more embarrassing for the Seattle Police Department, the officer apparently got back into the patrol car and allegedly drove away, with the rifle still on hanging out on the trunk of the marked car. There was at least one citizen who attemtped to follow the car in efforts of informing the officer of the rifle on the back.

Nick Gonzales reportedly said he finally found two more Seattle PD officers on bikes and told them about the incident and described the cops' reaction as, "shocked as hell."

SPD Office of Professional Accountability director, issued statement: "It is unacceptable that a rifle was left unattended on a patrol car and people should expect more from their police department."
And there you have it people....our internet, cellphone, facebook world in action! Thanks Nick Gonzales for being alert and aiding in avoiding this rifle falling into the wrong hands!

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  1. I bet they were stunned! Oh this would have been a good one to record on video - youtube would have had a field day! As you say, at least it didn't fall into the wrong hands!