Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL: Jail Mate May Testify & Kronk May Be Morally Bankrupt

Earlier Today, Baez complained to Judge Perry that  prosecutors had given him an indication that a conversation Anthony heard from jail mate, April Whelan, in an adjacent cell.  The scenario Whelan spoke of bears a  striking similarity to the claims made by the defense that Caylee drown and then the death was covered up.

The defense has conceded that Casey was a habitual liar and that her claims have often been laced with a crumble of truth.  The judge has left the door open for Whelan to testify, however there is no indication that prosecutors will choose to bring the jail mate to the stand.

Defense expert, Dr. Richard Eichlenbloom was on the stand talking about test performed on the duct tape found near Caylee's skull.  He said there was no trace of DNA on the tape.  Prosecutor Jeff Ashton has tried to discredit this "science".  (The jury is not privy to the information that Ashton was among the first prosecutors in 1988 and 989 to fight DNA science as evidence.)

Dr. Jan Bock, forensic botanist,  testified about the vegetation at the site where the body was found.  Under questioning by Prosecutor Jeff Ashton, Bock admitted her opinion has changed ad to the length of time the child's body was in the woods.  She now states no less then two weeks which contradicts her earlier deposition where she stated that it was impossible to tell.

Defense attorneys may use this information to debunk testimony by Roy Kronk, the utility meter reader who found the body, hoping to extend the insinuation that Kronk was after reward money and may have had a role in hiding Caylee's body.

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