Thursday, June 23, 2011


Tony Walker
At the time I am writing this it is 1230AM, Thursday June 23. I am so freaking tired.

Why am I so freaking tired? Because my wife went away this week. (She left on freaking Father's Day!) So, I've been doing everything since 730AM this past Sunday.
Why am I not in bed? Because my wife is coming home in a little while.
Why is she arriving in the middle of the night? Because the weather has screwed up her flight plans.
Why does she need to get home? Because our son graduates from elementary school at 9AM tomorrow morn..... scratch that.... in 8 1/2 hours.

She was supposed to be on a plane that arrived here in NY at 9PM, but due to weather that flight was canceled. My wife freaked that she was going to miss graduation. She was scrambling trying to figure out what to do. She called me so I was scrambling as well. She paid extra to get on another airline last minute so she could get home. That flight was due at midnight but it keeps getting delayed. Last I heard her plane should be taking off about now.

Why am I telling you this story? Here's why. Throughout all this craziness my wife has been in touch with her folks.... our kids are sleeping at her folks house so I can pick her up.... Her folks told her she shouldn't be putting us through all this just for an elementary school graduation. They said there will be other graduations & we'll record this one for her. So now my wife is upset.

What do you guys think? I disagree with her folks. I would do everything I could to be home. I don't like to miss anything no matter what level it is. Would you jump through hoops to be there or would you say screw it? What about some of you who travel for their jobs & are forced to miss certain things? How do you feel? How do you handle it? Do you agree with the folks?


  1. Hate to be a s**t stirrer....but poor choice to go away this week ....TEAM TONY!!!!

  2. I would walk home rather then miss something - so I disagree with the "folks'.
    Travel time always needs time build in for error and weather - less stress that way. Hope she made it home and you all had a beautiful morning!

  3. Gotta do whatever's necessary to get home. I can appreciate the parents trying to alleviate the stress caused by cancelled fights, etc. But I would still walk through walls to get home.