Sunday, September 11, 2011


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

With the news full of intelligence leaks of possible terrorist plots for the 10th anniversary of September 11th, I started to think of what effect another attack  would have on us. It was then that I realized that the terrorists have already had a lasting effect on us. They’ve put fear back in the hearts of Americans. We live every day worrying if “it” will happen again. We take off our shoes at the airport and gaze suspiciously at other passengers boarding our plane. We worried on New Year’s when crowds filled Times Square and now we stress over Ground Zero on the 11th.

But there is more to fear. I fear that we’ll hang up our flags, change our profile pictures and wear red white and blue through September 11th. We might even carry it over to the 12th, but on September 13th will we go back to “life as usual”? Will we roll our eyes at the cop who pulls us over for speeding, fail to move over when a fire truck is rushing down the road? Will we return to arguing about politics and gas prices and forget the unity and solidarity we share when we remember the events of 9-11? This is the threat I fear. I hope that in the coming days, we can find the strength and commitment to keep the spirit of bravery and self-sacrifice that was shown by those on flight 93, the first responders and all who came together as Americans that fateful day.

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