Monday, September 12, 2011


Tony Walker

There isn't much left to say about 9/11.... everything has been said.
The Mets did a nice job paying tribute.
My hope is that 9/11 does NOT become a National holiday.... if it does, 50 plus years from now people will just look at 9/11 as a day off from school & work. 
My hope is that 9/11 does NOT become some stupid movie. Let's make money off Titanic & Pearl Harbor by throwing in some cheesy love story around it. 
As my son & I watched "9/11-10 Years Later" on CBS, I felt sad because it looked like my son finally understood what that day was all about. It made me sad that my son is getting older... by his understanding things like this it slowly takes his childhood innocence away. It also makes me sad that our kids have an event like this to understand.


  1. "My hope is that 9/11 does NOT become some stupid movie."

    Too late, there have been several including "World Trade Center" with Nick Cage back in 2006 and "United 93."

  2. Great post Tony! I agree - there is no happiness in 9/11. It was difficult to explain to my kids (who already have the knowledge of 9/11) the coverage yesterday. One thing we decided is that since Greg is working down there anyway - we will make a day out of it and bring them to see the holy ground and experience it first hand. Knowledge is power! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us!

  3. Agreed Anonymous. That Nic Cage movie was awful.
    "United 93" was good but I never understood why they had to make it. If the movie helped the victims family in someway than it's cool by me.
    Thank you Dawn. My kids know of 9/11 but now that my son is in 6th grade & getting older I think he feels the sadness & horror that we all feel. Knowledge is power but sometimes I wish our kids didn't have the knowledge & kept the innocence.