Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Marion Pellicano Ambrose
OK, I happen to be an average, fairly intelligent, well-educated woman of the world, but I just can’t get what the big thing is about Twitter. I’ve researched (Twitter for Dummies, numerous articles and “how to’s) which made me even less interested in Tweeting or Tooting or whatever they call it. OMG: branding, “tweeting retweetable tweets”, tweet fodder, hash tags, it’s just too much work! Also, from what I can see, people who Tweet document every bloody detail of their lives. Talk about TMI!  
“12:15pm Stopped by Steak and Shake”   “12:30 Waitress slow”12:30 Frisco melt@ Steak and Shake”   “12:45 Back to work”   “1:15 SO bloated and nauseous-”  “1:40 in BR, can’t go” 
ENOUGH ALREADY! If you are irregular, tell your doctor. I really don’t want to know! I just don’t get why people think the world is interested in these minute details!  I did enjoy an article I read on “Tweeting Too Hard” (see link below) It claims to be “A site for shaming the twitteringly self-important. Loved it!
So maybe I’m just getting old and resistant to change, but give me good old Facebook any day! I can keep up with IMPORTANT and INTERESTING news from family and friends without having to hear about their toilet habits.  I hope Twitter Tweeters will not take offense at this post. I believe, to each his or her own, but I just can’t tolerate taking time to twitter terribly tacky tweets on Twitter.   ( Now say that 3X fast!)
Twitter 101 By Aliza Sherman

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