Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Dawn Boyle

Tony, Tony, Tony....seems to me that your wife is a wonderful person who wants to do good in the world. That being said, I would have been pissed off like there were no tomorrow.

Similar to you, I was worried about the house, the kids and my family, even the damn dog, while my husband was worried about the boat. For days prior to the impact of Irene I was bombarded with telephone calls urging me to call our insurance company, contact various boat haulers and there was one phone call where he actually said he might drive the boat out on the Great South Bay and "ride out the storm". Yeah, that's right-my husband thought it was a good idea to wrestle a possible 20' storm surge in a 31' Formula instead of worrying about me and the kids. Crazy huh?

I am not sure if it's that certain types of people don't know how to handle specific crisis or if it's their way of not dealing with the true struggle of calming young children during a hectic time, but my mothering nature kicks into overdrive. I stockpiled for a possible 7 day "venture" while he made sure his boat was secure. I emptied out the crawlspace and collected all our valuables, while he decided it was a perfect time to straighten out the garage. People handle things different. Some people do it the right way, which is MY way and others...well others think it's a good idea to ride out a category 2 hurricane on a boat.

Next natural disaster let me know if you need anything, I am sure I will have it - oh an thank your wife for being so charitable...during a crisis I don't know if I could be that selfless. She is a good egg!

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