Friday, April 1, 2011


Dawn Boyle

Everything happens for a reason. You encounter certain people to lift you up and sometimes to knock you down, but no matter why the reason they are in your life, it is meant to be.

A few weeks ago I received an inbox on FaceBook. It was from Gabby. She commented on how much she enjoyed the blog, thought we were doing a great job and how our paths had previously crossed. We were in a similar situation by getting screwed by a common "friend".

Turns out she had my back well before this inbox. Over a year ago she noticed my involvment with this "friend" and mentioned it to a relative of mine, that she knew, to be on guard about this mutual "friend"... boy was she right! Anyway a few messages back and forth we found a number of similarities between us and a cyber friendship was forged.  She mentioned a friend of hers, Doris, had gone to school with herself and my DRL partner. Gabby went on and stated that, Doris was involved with this amazing project about Breast Cancer Survivors called BCABPP (Breast Caner Awareness Body Painting Project). A project creating awareness, hope  and beauty through art.  Before we knew it, Barbara and I were involved, hook, line and sinker, spreading the word about these incredible people and amazing artistry.

Although I wish neither Gabby or I had dealings with our original connection... I sure am glad we are friends now and have this incredible opportunity to help spread the word of BCABPP.

Paths cross for a reason, good, bad and indifferent.  You may not initially understand why in some instances, especially those that cause pain. However, if you continue on the path, focusing on the future, usually there is an a new vision or understanding that is born. As my good  friend Mary Sunshine would say "Out of the darkness, comes the light. Always be open to letting the new light in.  Look to it, for then the shadows fall behind you." She always says the nicest feelings - we got screwed for a reason! Check out the BCABPP Fan Page and stay tuned for more Gabby right here in DRL...turns out there is another connection Gabby and Barbara share a great love for art. Looks like we may have a new room soon here in the lounge for artists! SPREAD THE GOOD MY FRIENDS!!! MUCH LOVE!!!

Our original post on BCABPP..check it out

The two fabulous women we have connected with ALL due to Gabby and had the pleasure of having here at DRL...more to come!


  1. Truer words were never spoken!

  2. Dear Dawn , I can totally attest that things DO happen for a reason .. Unfortunately , The bad ones take way to long to get over !!! But time heals ALL ... ALWAYS !!! Loving your blog and being involved .. I've followed you from day one .. You were great the first time around and now even better !!

  3. Another incredible lesson in life.....all things happen for a reason....I am incredibly grateful to have gotten back in touch with Gabby after all these years have gone by....she brings an element to my life that nobody else does.....and I am so grateful to have met Dawn and Barbara......their generosity with sharing our project has been amazing.....thank you from the bottom of my heart for hosting us and letting us share our stories on DRL...we love you!!

  4. there are many amazing women in my life..4 already commented on this blog :)

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - when paths cross for a reason!
    Would you please stop calling me "Mary Sunshine'! LMAO...

  6. Hi Dawn...
    I read your post and it's interesting to me because I, too, have written about the whole "there's a reason for everything" issue on my own blog. But, I sometimes feel on the fence about it. I'm still looking for the reasons for too many things in my life. I will say, though, that I do know without a doubt why at least one or two people have come into and exited my life. And that, I am grateful for. :) Thanks for sharing...