Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Barbara Ward-Finneran
I am a big believer in the idea that you have the power within you to create your own happiness.  Foster your own dreams and fashion a reality that is the sum of your combined goals and talents.  The life you dare to imagine dwells in your spirit and feeds your soul.  To change anything, to create anything that you imagine or desire takes one thing - YOU.

If you get lost in the doubts.  Let reason rule why it can't be done.  Listen to the nay-sayers. Abide in negativity. Or allow impossible to be in your vocabulary. You have already put the writing on your own wall.

You are meant to have an astounding life! To accomplish your own greatness.  To have love and happiness abound.  You have to believe it!  Desire it!  Want it!  Speak it into being with your thoughts words and deeds.  Challenges will surface and if you view them as tools to learn and grow rather then as just obstacles and endings - things seems to turn a corner sooner.

You hear about how opposites attract and, although that may be true of somethings.  I have yet to see an instance of negativity breed itself into happy, happy, joy, joy.  But rather, it seems to create it's own vortex that spins round and round with no escape unless you break the cycle.

It may really be so much easier then most accept it to be.  Once you come to understand that you have the power to create the energy and magic in your life that you desire by being a positive person full of the faith that the best is yet to come - a love and zest for living will bloom.   Look on the bright side when needed, but, embrace and love where you are right now.

Life is made up of two things - the positive things and the negative things.  The one you dwell on will define you.  Banish the "evil", "wicked" and "bad".

Wicked is as wicked does.... Look at your life as wicked good and wicked cool!  The rest will follow...


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