Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Tony Walker
So here's one that will spark a lot of people.
Swinging & Swapping!!!

In one of my earlier posts I mentioned something about doing road construction right outside a swingers club. Let me tell you... for a perv like me who was in his prime seeing the sexiest women walking into this place was unreal.

Let me say something right now... when I say the sexiest women I mean classy sexy, not some gal in a mini skirt.

Working in front of this place & seeing all these women sparked my interest. I was 24 or 25 at the time. Truth be told, I didn't even know these places existed until this night. During a break I walked over. I had to see what was going on. The bouncer would not let me in. I told the guy the truth that I never saw one of these places, it's freezing outside (which it was) & I just wanna take a peek. I won't bother anybody. So the bouncer still wouldn't let me in to the club but he let me into the lobby & opened the door to the club. For about 15 seconds I stood at the doorway watching an amazing site. Girls dancing with girls....and god knows what else.
This my friends to me, was heaven.

Those 15 seconds were burned in my brain. I was like the dog in those commercials.... "Kibbles & Bits, Kibbles & Bits....." only I was saying, "Swingers club, swingers club."

My former wife wanted no part of it, even though her best friend at the time turned out to be a swinger. We didn't know it until I told them about this club. It was then that this girl admitted to not only being a bi sexual, but a swinger and was dying to have some fun with my wife.  NO OTHER WORD COMES TO MING BUT.... BOING!!!!


  1. I remember those stories.... Wasn't there also a place on Broadway in Hicksville? Near the split for Hicksville road?

  2. That place is still there Budtap....
    So I've heard.....