Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HE SAID..... FINE....

Tony Walker

You ladies are killing me!! I'm so confused!! Ladies please answer a question for me. 
A few months back, maybe even a year ago, my super duper business partner & I were working on a script for Drop Dead Comedy. (shameless plug) She showed me some of her ideas. I looked them over & said her ideas were fine. Right away she said she would try to come up with something else. "Why would you do that," I asked. "I said I liked your ideas." She replied, "No you didn't. You said they were fine." I was puzzled. Where I come from FINE is a nice word. My partner said FINE is not great. In fact she said she hates the word FINE. I was shocked. I had never heard anyone say this before. Would she still hate the word if I said, "Hey baby you sure are FINE." She probably would hate that especially since I make her puke when I talk like that. So from that point on I always made sure to not use that word around her. If she used that word with something I suggested I knew I was in deep doo doo.
So since then I thought that this issue with the word FINE was just a hang up my super duper business partner had. But then just last week I was hanging with one of my favorite women who asked me not to mention her name.... so I won't mention Boyle's name.... when she shared with me an idea she has for our comedy group. I said the ideas sound FINE. Oh no!! That dreaded word!!! Let me tell you... the look on Boyle's face when I said FINE. I blew any chance of getting Boyle naked that night. She was so mad. "What's wrong with that word," I asked. "Fine sucks!" she replied. Another one of my favorite women, the stunning Jennifer Copp was with us & she agreed with Boyle that FINE sucks. Boyle was never the same again. She went home & I cried for days. 
That's when I realized that the word FINE is not just my super duper partner's hang up. It's a woman thing!!! So please comment below ladies & help me out. I thought FINE was right up there with good, cool, nice, etc. When did FINE become a four letter word????


    For example if i ask my husband a question like what do you want for dinner and i suggest i make pasta, and he replies FINE i take that as no i dont want pasta but whatever! Or "how do i look" and i get FINE! Thats just a nice way of saying you look ok but nothing special LOL
    Fine is just a copout in my eyes. If you really like an idea, or how we looked or what to make for dinner why not just say Yes, that sounds good, or you look really nice or great idea!!!

    Fine is a blah and not really anything nice.. When a girl gets mad, and the conversation is ended with "FINE" it basiclly means whatever im over it and really just does not want to talk anymore and annoyed still....

    Thats why i dont like the word FINE :)

  2. Okay Val... fine.

  3. Tony lets put in a" Walkerism" so that a cave man like you understands. You & your wife finish having sex, you went over the top to make it great, You ask her well how was that & she answers "it was you know, fine" you ask Fine? "She replies ya just Fine". Tony How would that make you feel?

  4. seriously....Tony I thought I explained this to you already! NEVER EVER USE FINE!

  5. Let me say one thing. I didn't put anyone down. I didn't say the ladies are wrong. All I did was ask what's wrong with that word.
    I see some comments on Facebook that comes down on me like I did something terribly wrong. Now I see a comment where ANONYMOUS calls me a caveman. Who are you to call people names when you're too scared to admit who you are??

  6. Leave 'em laughing Tony. Aren't cavemen known to have big sticks... You'll have the last laugh.

    Nothing FINE about fine - avoid, avoid, avoid! It ranks with any answer to "Dose this make me look fat?" There's no way to win... avoid, avoid, avoid!