Thursday, April 28, 2011


Tony Walker

If you read the newspapers or watch the news one topic that's being discussed everyday lately is union givebacks.... teachers, state workers, etc.... concessions, freezes, etc. It's got me shakin' my head!

When did concessions become the "it" thing to do?

This world gets scarier and scarier everyday. Why are concessions being the acceptable road? Why are hard working people expected to give concessions? We all fought hard for what we have. Now we have to fight about what we're giving back???

This line of thinking is what made paying for medical care acceptable. Remember when we didn't have to pay for medical benefits? It wasn't that long ago!!

People point the finger at unionized workers and blame them for having great benefits, decent pay, and other acceptable conditions. The finger pointers are jealous and are going to do nothing but get those conditions taken away from the union worker. What did you accomplish? Meanwhile the fat cats in our local and federal governments  continue to enjoy their pay and benefits! Where are their wage freezes?? Where are their concessions??? They're the ones who got this economy in the mess it's in!!! They're the ones we should all be fighting against! They want us to fight with each other and take things away from each other so they don't have to worry about doing their jobs!

What do you all think? Do you think concessions is the new "it" thing to do? Please don't turn this into an "Obama sucks" thing. Bashing our President (no matter who the President is) is a cop out. They're all criminals anyway, we know that.

The question is what do we do about it? Conceding things we worked hard for isn't it!

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  1. My husband is a Union the past two years he has lost part of his pension, had expenses taken away (which were given to him years ago instead of a raise) and had deputy foreman money taken away from him, but he is still a working deputy foreman....our medical insurance has been screwed around with and his 401K has plumitted.
    I am happy he is still working, but it seems unfair to me all that he worked for has been taken away...Tony what are the answers?